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Unsure if your profits are meeting their maximum potential?

Not having a plan for success could be costing you money and time and prevent your business from reaching its full potential.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?
You know what your operation needs, but don’t have the time to address it
You’re losing margin, but can’t figure out where
You want to increase volume and create experiences guests rave about, but you’re not sure what to focus on
Your team is lacking unity and passion for the business and you want to bring everyone together
You want to increase profits, but don’t know where to start
You need to regain control of the chaos but are unsure of the best plan of action
We offer consulting and coaching solutions to help you and your leadership teams find their focus, so you can start maximizing profit, beat the competition, and bring your vision to life.

Proven Solutions to Achieve Excellence

I understand how time-consuming and challenging it is to manage and respond to all the complex demands in your daily operations. With cost increases, labour shortages, and increasing competition, you need a clear plan that works for you, your business, and your team.

Leveraging over 35 years of industry experience as an Executive Chef and Food & Beverage Director, I’ve run over 40 operations ranging from small independent restaurants to Luxury Full Service Multi-Unit Resorts. At CORE, I partner with owners and stakeholders of Food & Beverage operations to translate your vision into reality and build world-class environments and operations. We collaborate to ensure every aspect of your operation is optimized and running as a well-oiled machine while dramatically accelerating and maximizing profitability.

As your right hand, I help you navigate all the moving parts of the ever-changing complexity of Food & Beverage operations and remove barriers and manage risks so you’re confident you’re making all the right decisions and can focus on what you do best and grow your business.

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We analyze and provide solutions for:

Menu Development

Our diverse expertise in menu development will help create the perfect menu to align with your visions and maximize profits. A well-crafted menu will consistently exceed your guest’s expectations, keep your customers coming back for more, and separate you from the competition.

Menu Engineering

The menu engineering process can increase profits upwards of 5-12%. A complete menu analysis will produce a clear picture of your menu profit performance. From there we provide the exact steps to engineer your menu for financial success.

Operational Controls, Processes, and Procedures

Applying our years of operational and lean management experience, we will develop controls to prevent waste and loss, implement a process to define workflow/workload and scheduling, and create procedures to consistently impress guests and exceed financial results.

Food & Beverage Recipes

Creating and utilizing accurate recipes can improve your profits by up to 3%. Together we will review your recipes and yields for accuracy and identify opportunities to decrease recipe costs. We will introduce an established process for recipe development that will ensure accuracy and integrity going forward.

Restaurant and Kitchen Operational Design

We utilize our lean management and operational experience to redevelop and optimize kitchens, bars, and workspaces. Our redesigns will help you maximize volume to achieve top-line results, minimize payroll for bottom-line profits, and improve team morale through better execution.

Executive Coaching

Coaching is utilized by top performers and provides an ROI of 6x the investment on average. We offer personalized 1:1 and team coaching programs to boost personal, team, and financial performance. Our programs are customized to your business goal and cover advanced food and beverage operations, executive business skills and interpersonal skills.

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Improve Profits Every Step of the Way

Your success is what gives our work meaning.

Our approach to developing solutions provides hotel and restaurant owners, operators, and leaders with the tools and understanding to maximize profits and reduce costs while not losing sight of what matters most – the customer and employees.

Our expert solutions are built to create sustained success year after year. We focus on your profit chain, coaching your team, and creating an unforgettable guest experience that will reduce costs, optimize operations, increase revenue, and create a foundation to execute for excellence.

Great Food. Great Profit.

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