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Food Cost: The Processes and Systems

In Food Cost: Not Just an Outcome but a Culture, we discussed that food cost is a culture created by people and supported by the fundamentals (processes and systems). The only way to have a sustainable and consistent food cost is through your culture. You cannot fix the food cost on your own. Having employees with high morale and pride in their work creates a culture that helps you manage and maintain food costs.

But having high morale and pride is not the only thing that creates sustainable food costs. In this blog, we will take a broader look at the food cost culture. I will explore how the fundamentals of processes and systems help create a sustainable foundation for the financial culture of your operation.

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Food Cost: Not Just an Outcome but a Culture

At one point or another Food and Beverage operations have had “issues” with food costs. I remember working for highly respected Executive Chefs and watching them turn into maniacs digging through the garbage and blaming everything and everyone for a high food cost. Talk about a letdown seeing someone you idolize desperately trying to fix a problem.

Personally, I didn’t and don’t see the point of digging in today’s trash to solve a problem that happened last month.

I hadn’t thought of this in many years, but it all came back when a friend told me a story recently.

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