Chef in kitchen of restaurant preparing food

Cooking Up Change: How to Know It’s Time for a Restaurant Kitchen Redesign!

A poorly designed kitchen/bar/service area can be the difference between success and failure.

It is a bold statement, but in the world of the restaurant industry, the kitchen and bar are the heart and soul of the operation. It’s where culinary and mixologist teams craft the perfect meals and cocktails. Your establishment’s success largely depends on your kitchen’s efficiency and functionality. This is why, from time to time, restaurant owners must consider a restaurant kitchen makeover.

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Restaurant kitchen design with two chefs

Recipe for Success: Unleashing the Power of Innovative Kitchen Design in Restaurants!

During the first few days in a new role, I toured the new convention and restaurant spaces that were under construction and opening within a few months. In the a la carte kitchen, the lead designer pointed out the new state-of-the-art equipment and other features of the area.

“Where is the printer going?” I asked.

Suddenly, I felt a nudge and then a whisper, “Don’t bring anything up. We will fix it later!” Later?

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restaurant concept outdoors classy dining

Don’t be Everything to Everyone: Deciding on a Concept for Your Restaurant

When walking through any city or scrolling through the internet for the latest and greatest new restaurants, there seem to be as many great concepts as there are restaurants. Adding to this are the micro concepts that have evolved from ghost kitchens focusing on very niche markets. As a consumer, the seemingly endless concepts provide a great deal of variety and excitement. For a new restaurant or food and beverage operation it can be overwhelming to decide which concept is best for their operation.

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