Build confidence. Expand skills. Drive profits.

With CORE’s Profit Consulting, we work directly with you to develop and execute custom strategies that align with your individual needs and create a defined plan for profit success. We make it easy for you and your leadership team to take control of the bottom line and optimize your business for continued top-line growth. CORE focuses on providing actionable solutions and implementation processes that coach your team on the skills needed to execute and consistently deliver your customized profit strategy.

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The CORE Process/What to Expect with CORE
  1. Introductory Meeting – We will conduct a deep dive into your operation to learn about your vision, priorities, and goals to begin creating a foundation for our work together.
  2. A Customized Plan – A detailed roadmap specifically designed to meet your objectives will be developed and reviewed to ensure a clear path to your business objectives.
  3. Timeline and Deliverables – We will provide a timeline, outcomes, and specific training and implementation dates to execute your custom plan at a pace that is suitable for your operation.
  4. Documents – We provide you with all spreadsheets, documents, and training materials to continue to execute on your custom plan.
  5. Continued Support – Our work together is a partnership and we are successful if you are successful. As your trusted advisor, we are available for continued support and coaching to ensure your continued success.

Our CORE Focus Areas

  • Menu Development
  • You want a menu that keeps customers coming back for more, separates you from the competition, and maximizes your profit.

    Our diverse expertise in menu development will help create the perfect menu that aligns with your visions, maximizes profit, and can be consistently executed to exceed your guest’s expectations.

    Our analysis includes:

    • Review your current menu’s alignment to your brand and messaging,
    • Assessment of your menu performance with our Menu Engineering Processes,
    • Complete menu comparison analysis of five of your competitors,
    • Develop new ideas to complement your current offerings and recommendations for changes to current items, and
    • Recommendations for a strategic and aesthetic layout to capitalize on selling the highest margin items.
  • Menu Engineering
  • A great menu is not always a profitable menu.

    Together, we will work through the menu engineering process. Using your current sales data and recipe cost we will conduct a complete analysis of your menu. This will produce a clear picture of your current menu performance and the exact steps to optimize your menu. You will be left with a foundation of knowledge and tools to utilize menu engineering for the optimization of future menus.

    A well-designed and properly engineered menu can:

    • Increase profits upwards of 5-12%
    • Reduce inventory and waste of low-selling items
    • Provide a clear picture of the highest margin items to help train your sales team on maximizing sales and profits
  • Food & Beverage Recipes
  • Developing clear and concise recipes can be time-consuming, but they are the foundation for quality, consistency, staff training, cost controls, profit margins, and menu engineering.

    We will work with your team to review your recipes and create a defined process for recipe development that will establish accurate and complete recipes.

  • Operational Controls, Processes & Procedures
  • To reach your full potential you need defined controls to prevent waste and loss, processes to define workflow/workload and scheduling, and procedures to consistently exceed guest expectations and financial results.

    We apply our years of operational experience in developing systems, procedures, and controls to your operation to identify and implement working solutions that ensure smooth and profitable operations.

    Your strong foundation of processes and systems will provide managers and employees with the skills and understanding needed to successfully carry out the day-to-day operations.

  • Restaurant & Kitchen Operational Design
  • Effectively designed work areas have a significant impact on the success of the operation. We utilize our lean management experience to redevelop and optimize kitchens, bars, and workspaces, leading to:

    • Increased efficiency by addressing labour supply, productivity, and revenue by increased table turns
    • Improved working conditions to reduce turnover and injuries
    • Consistent delivery and seamless execution

    Our process has transformed underperforming kitchens into high functional areas that have increased table turn times of up to 10% and increased revenue by $200,000 per year.

    Ready to take control of your profits? Book a free consultation today.